Lobsters New England has been a family run business for over 20 years specializing in wholesale and retail lobsters, fish and seafood.

About Us

Lobsters New England has provided live Maine lobsters, fish, shrimp and shellfish from the cold Atlantic waters, shipped anywhere in the U.S., for 20 years.

Our family business specializes in delivering New England seafood — the best tasting catch — selling wholesale and retail. The company’s online live Maine lobster, seafood and steak order service has been featured on The Today Show’s Best Mail Order Gifts Of The Year, and received rave reviews from across the U.S., including New Englanders.

Order live lobsters, any size, fresh lobster tails and authentic lobster clambakes, steaks and surf and turf dinners, delivered fast and fresh.

All of our lobsters are “+ Genuine Weight,” which means you always receive at least the weight of the lobster you pay for. + Genuine Weight Lobsters are only available from LobstersNewEngland.com.

We Offer Gift Certificates!